Learning Shona language fast

Learning Shona

 Learning Shona Fast Learning Shona can be difficult but can also be fun.Depending on the learner’s attitude and the skill of the teacher. Zig Ziglar said, “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” Shona is one Continue reading Learning Shona language fast

Wedding things-from our wedding’s experience

Wedding things This was 1993 and we were still paying our wedding debts. Specifically, the video and picture. Really, what were we thinking? We had multiple pictures for each moment. There is this thing we women usually want. We want Continue reading Wedding things-from our wedding’s experience

Rich and colorful


    Rich-colorful. Rich with resources; minerals agricultural, educated people, also hardworking multitaskers tourism; Wildlife birds animals; zebras lions monkeys baboons       Colorful in day-to-day life   Rich-colorful; The people generally appreciate the beauty In the rural areas, they Continue reading Rich and colorful

Another Language and culture


 Another language-culture. This the Shona Language. Guys,I just want to give you a tidbit of my mother language. I am Zimbabwean born & raised. Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa, just north of South Africa. The Limpopo river divides the two countries. I Continue reading Another Language and culture