He knew His purpose, and fulfilled it extraordinarily

. Purpose of Jesus-the reason Jesus came to earth. We got a privilege that God sent His Son to earth for us. To destroy the works of the devil. Therefore we have a reason to be glad, grateful, and celebrate. Continue reading He knew His purpose, and fulfilled it extraordinarily

I’m in too deep , hands, feet, everything, no turning back, ’cause it’s dangerous



I’m in too deep

First and foremost, Deep in, I am:

hands, feet, and everything.

Secondly, No turning back since it’s dangerous

I ‘m all in

So, I can’t NOT worship God

Because He Is my sustenance

Additionally, my sanity

my provision

That’s why  I got to keep ongoing

   Forward is the Way

I will keep on swimming deeper

Deeper into Him

Into the waters deeper

Into the waters of His Word, I will dive in

I want the Word to continue washing me

    It’s done or die

I want to continue drinking from the Living Waters,

because they are refreshing,

since they revitalize my spirit

due to their giving me peace

joy and liberty.

I want to continue drinking from the well,

the well that never runs dry.

No turning back

It’s done or dies

And it’s gonna be DO

Grace,grace 2017

Grace,grace 2017

Grace-Divine enablement or unmerited favor from God is what we need As we leave 2016  behind and getting hold of 2017 We are leaving 2016 behind, yet we cannot leave ourselves in it. we got to tag along right   What are Continue reading Grace,grace 2017

The perfect view is costly

Perfect view

        The Perfect view is what we strive for aiming at targeting all of us  have endured or are enduring some hardship, trial persecution for that perfect view. The View future glory.   Enduring hardship for the Continue reading The perfect view is costly