Why I don’t celebrate halloween


  Halloween is a celebration of death and embracing of fear hence that’s playing with fire whilst expecting not to get burnt It’s  like a game but, a game of things that are real fear is real death, either spiritual Continue reading Why I don’t celebrate halloween

Multitaskers of Africa


Multitaskers of Africa They toil they’re powerful very energetic they carry water from the wells or boreholes they are cooks carry firewood from the bushes as well as work in the fields. Multitasking women of Africa-what else do they do? Continue reading Multitaskers of Africa

Another Language and culture


This is another language – culture, ladies, and gentlemen. The language is called Shona. Shona is one of the two main native languages in Zimbabwe. And, I am Zimbabwean born and raised. Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa, just north of Continue reading Another Language and culture