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 Hey there!

I love sharing my life and faith with you all. Come On In! Let’s get this party going.i

On these pages, I write about Faith, Marriage,  Relationships, Love Food, Parenting. Pretty much anything that impacts parents. especially who they are in Christ. But if you don’t know Christ, stay here. My mom passes when I was 12 and I have scars from that. I sure have a lot I could share about emotional wounds for we have something just for you. receive-salvation  If our parents would approach our in lives from God’s perspective, we will be unstoppable. And very productive. Hence, the world will be better for everyone. Because of the way we nurturer. Issues about regular life and. Godliness meaning issues about worshiping God.

A great mystery/marriage

The above picture is from my post about marriage.   As it symbolizes the relationship between Christ and the Church.

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Girl time

Above are Me and our girls. Below is a picture of our cheerleader/my husband & dad to those cheerful young women. That’s what I’m talking about. Women, girl, and their cheerleaders.


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Our cheerleader

Oh yes, us girls we desperately need cheerleaders.  It is time, we rise up to what God has ordained us for, born-again-woman. With the right knowledge, we are dangerously effective :) in a good way of course.

And the born-again status is available to whoever wants or accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior /receive-salvation/

Some articles are about life in general or nature etc. We live on earth, don’t we? Let’s enjoy God’s creation. At times my writings are just to help others relax or get entertained.

But mostly you will discover my Faith is the anchor of these writings