Rich and colorful


rich and colorful


Rich and colorful.

Rich with resources;



educated people,

also hardworking multitaskers

and tourism;

rich and colorful
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe








      Rich and Colorful in day-to-day life


Rich and colorful


The natives generally appreciate the beauty

therefore, In rural areas, they love to paint their houses in bright colors

They also adorn their kitchen interiors with patterns

If the floor is not cement they clean it up and polish it with cow dung

On the walls of the round huts, they love to make patterns that are colorful

   But don’t be fooled by these humble surroundings,

because they are aggressive when it comes to education and achievement.

English is the official language and most of the people have attained college degrees.

If you go to t Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, you see beautiful uprising buildings.

In the residential areas, there are beautiful houses

Off-course, there also the poor but hey, they are aggressive in trying to make end meet

        below is a chart showing the Shona language(one of the Zimbabwean  languages) translated into English


Rich and colorful in language and culture

Her language is intricate

thereby  elaborate; another-language-culture

Respect is of the utmost importance,

Also family and relatives

hence the African proverb, “Home affairs are not talked about in the public square.”

You rarely hear a native Zimbabwean parading their family affairs to outsiders.

But off-course, there is  family and  personal confidants

Anyone who is as old as your mom, dad, grandmother, grandpa, you address them as such.








Your father’s brother although he is your uncle, you address him as a father.

Your mother’s sisters are your aunts but when addressing them, you address them mom

When it comes to one of the family members getting married, the family works as one. Without emphasizing on the family dynamics like the cousin, stepsister, or my dad’s brother( uncle) but you call him dad.


          The Women in the Rich – colorful country


The women especially; are mandated

to be graceful


well accustomed to the ins & outs 

of culture.

Because women are the main child raisers, whether they have formal jobs or not.

In rural areas, man is the ones that usually go to work as teachers or go to the cities.

and the women take care of the children, except for a few exceptions where both spouses are working.

The women take care of household chores, and

it is their duty to train their children especially girls to do the chores.

hence the Zimbabwean statement,’Musha mukadzi’, meaning a woman makes a home.A woman is the pivot of a home.

With a mixture of other cultures, there are some adjustments especially to those that live in the cities.

But still, when you get into the country, the cultural norms are very clear.


It’s rich

and colorful

It’s intricate

thereby  complex

That’s what brings joy

in turn,  brings wonder to those that visit

the beautiful nation.

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