Look past the obvious

Obvious signs


Look past race,culture & nationality

Despise not others;

in doing so,you’re

also despising yourself.

      Obvious signs can deceive

Obvious signs can  deceive

because they glare in our eyes

also they can be so attractive

at times so repulsive.

Each race,culture & nationality

has positives & negatives

Ultimately  one is

identified by who

they truly are;

their character

       What we lose from majoring on the outside appearance

By focusing on the outward we loose our quite a bunch

We prevent ourselves from learning from others,things like

culture,foods and even getting to know another language.

Also we deprives us of kindness to others,

by forgetting that we are all human,

created by God

And God is the one that created different languages.


At times we despise the very person that could bring us help,

for God created to work as families and  community.

About Mavis Chuma

I love Jesus. I love life. I love people. My life is hid in Christ in God. I belong to God & am seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ. As Jesus is in heaven so am I in the world. So I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am a winner.

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