Lonely girl,with obsession of mom’s astounding illness part 2

It was an early morning in July, the little girl’s mom had been hospitalized  the earlier night. The family anxiously braced themselves to go to the hospital. The little girl (let’s call her Kate) was part of the group.

The nurse greeted them with a  sad countenance

Kate’s mom had passed, the previous night.
What Kate  had feared, finally happened. Whilst everybody was crying, she just dived  the floor, sobbing.

The loss overwhelmed Kate. Throughout the process; funeral arrangements, the memorial service, and burial, It just seemed like a dream.

It was a  heart wrenching process.

Kate grew up as a very sensitive person. She got married, and had children. The  fear of  having her two girls endangered gripped her. She would try to keep them by her side, as much as possible. She would rationalize  that since her(Kate) had lost a mom early, therefore she was going to compensate for that, by protecting her children.


Something had to happen and happen fast, to help Kate. she knew her thinking process was irrational, but felt helpless ’cause she did not know the way forward. Her husband and children got to the point of accepting the situation. It just became something ‘normal’ to them.

Still Kate was not content that the situation could stay like that. Her thinking process needed some challenge. Rearranged and put on the right track.

I wonder from part 1 if YOU GUYS HAD figured out the Kate   was me. There is a lot I still need to deal with. Some coping mechanisms that need to be challenged, for me to live a totally free life

Now, over to you the reader-Do you have some thinking you just know is not normal? Have you  rationalized  your behavior ? Does something need to change, and change fast?



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