What happened?How did this happen? You met somebody who was very friendly,love at first sight.Who showered you with compliments,sort of fluttering.Nobody made them feel the way you do.Sounds familiar? This could be in a romantic relationship,friendship,or even work situation;boss and subordinate.

You confided in them,they acted like you were the best,you actually lived off of their compliments.All the previous ones did not understand them like you do.

But,then, you started to see a variety of colors,once it was white,now Monday red,Tuesday blue,following day green.And of course black.In a day you could see all those variety of colors in one person.You want out! At the same time,you are so much in.There is no room to wiggle,’cause emotionally,you areĀ locked.

BUT then there is still hope.If you believe you deserve better,you want out….talk to someone.There is nothing new under the sun.Somebody somewhere has been in that kind of situation before.

Believe things can get better.













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