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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I’m a  Parental Coach, so if one gets the services they pay for it. And if you click on the link I get remuneration for it.


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Above are the blogs I link up with. We get to share, learn and uplift one another. Our niches are different. Some major on marriage, parenting, Encouragement in different forms, joy, stay at home mothers, women in general, single moms. But we are one because we love the Lord. I’m also a  Parental Coach. I love children and I work with parents who want to connect more with their children or need help in all sorts of parenting areas, anger, disrespect, lying, unmotivated children and so forth. I love children and working with parents to impart children gives me great joy. Email me if you need help in parenting at You can also buy great products here:

By collaborating with blogs get to gain more exposure. Hence our messages gain mileage. Our messages get to reach more audiences and impact.


Link ups rule of thumb

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You post a link-up, get the host’s link-up button. Then you read the post of the one who linked up before you. Comment, share or both. Sometimes you even end up subscribing. I am thinking, whoever started this idea is a genius.


As  Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 21:17

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