I got myself a hosting company

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hosting company
Hosting Company


Hesitating to have a hosting company

Hosting Company: found one and am so thrilled. I now have a hosting company (SiteGround) for my blog.

First and foremost I was a bit hesitant to do it since I am not that tech savvy. Yet the hosting company would make it easier for me.Since starting the blog the learning has been quite a bit, that’s why thinking of a hosting company was such hesitance for me.

   Very efficient SiteGround Staff

They did transfer my blog and some of the stuff, I had to do: like extra plugins. They have been kind enough, like  the first time I  was on the phone with one of the technical staff, it took more than 30 minutes. I told him  I wanted to tackle some of the issues with him online :). I think he just thought, “what  a weirdo” :)

The process….

Afterwards i had  back and forth charting with the staff, mostly because I was totally lost in how these things work. I am glad they were on top of the game and basic stuff is now done. With a hosting company I have more leverage with my blog. SiteGround staff has been awesome.

The Staff

SiteGround staff members have been very patient with me. Answering all the questions I had. Some of them I would repeat. I was supposed to have read about how my site was gonna change, but hey who cared,i was too excited to think. I then started learning backwards: like the Subscribers and comments on the blog were going to be transferred but not the likes.

My advise: It’s better to start with a hosting company as soon as you start your blog, that way it’s easier for you.But if you are like me,well,Better late than never as they say.

If you need a host and would love to use SiteGround, below is my  link code. When you join through me, I get a bit of compensation.Thanks much.






Wish you the best.

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