A heart wrenching event,that left her crumpled

 Heart wrenching

It was an early morning in July, the little girl, Kate's mom had been hospitalized the night before. The family was doing their part to make her live long.The illness was takin a toll on her. She had been ill for a while. And the family anxiously braced themselves to go to the hospital. From the outside looking in, every  body seemed to be in their own world. Speculating what they were gonna meet up with. Kate also was part of the group. This is one of the situations in life that is torturous. You become confused, furious, desperate and sick to your stomach.

The nurse greeted them with a  somber countenance. That in itself was a story. A story that was going to unfold in a second and nobody wanted to hear.

Kate’s mom had passed on in the early hours of the day, the nurse said. Every member of the family was dumb founded. For little Kate, it was like a nightmare, a dream to be woken up from sometime. The world seemed like spinning. What Kate  had feared, finally happened. Whilst everybody was crying, she just dived  the floor, sobbing, lost and not knowing what else to expect.

The loss overwhelmed Kate. Throughout the process; funeral arrangements, the memorial service, and burial, It just seemed like a dream.

It was a  heart wrenching process as can be expected.


            Heart wrenching event and what followed….

Kate grew up as a very sensitive person. She got married, and had children. The  fear of  having her two girls endangered gripped her. She would try to keep them by her side, as much as possible. She would rationalize  that since her(Kate) had lost a mom early, therefore  she was going to compensate for that, by protecting her children. This is something she did without thinking much. It was just like a switch that was turned on. This kind of thinking was just sub -conscious.

Has anybody told you, you irritate them by your behavior. But in your mind you are saying,” I don’t know how else to behave in this kind of situation.”  That was Kate. Her husband would tell her she was over protective of the kids. Once in a while the kids would tell her, “mother just chill.”  She wanted to chill, to respond in a regular way, but it was tough for her.


Something had to happen and happen fast, to help Kate. she knew her thinking process was irrational, but felt helpless ’cause she did not know the way forward. Her husband and children got to the point of accepting the situation. It just became something ‘normal’ to them.

Still Kate was not content that the situation could stay like that. Her thinking process needed some challenge. Rearranged and put on the right track.

 There is a lot she  still needs to deal with. Some coping mechanisms  for her to live a totally free life.

Now, over to you the reader-Do you have some thinking you just know is not normal? Have you  rationalized  your behavior ? Does something need to change, and change fast? But, at times positive change does not happen fast. One needs to have patience, for patience is a virtue.



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