Savings,cashback and referral bonus

Great Deals

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Great Deals
Great Deals

Great deals are good. I believe everybody appreciates it when you go to the store or shop online, then you see the item you want to buy has a price reduction. More so when they tell you they have a cash back opportunity. And when you refer somebody and they join in, you get something. There is some goodness out there, and if you don’t know about it, you lose out.

This is where I come in

I have made $25 so far with Ebates without doing much. I referred someone who signed up And I got $5.I also  purchased a little bit and I got some dollars back.. Woohoo

They work with  lots of online stores, in stores, luxury stores, airlines and hotels. You don’t pay to join. You just sign up, then when you want to buy log into your Ebates account and start checking out on the stores you want to buy from. They track your earnings for you. When you get to my Ebates page, checkout the top right hand side. It shows the $25 they have cashed out to me.

You get to save and get cash back on selected items. It’s easy even for someone like me who is not that tech savvy. When someone signs up through you, you get a referral bonus of $5.

Lets get into this thing. Shop wise and benefit.

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