A dissappointment leaves your heart sick,BUT a sudden good break gives you a surge of life

Expectation is hope, It is good to expect good things happening for or to you. But we have to be ready to handle disappointment, when situations don’t happen our way. Everyone of us have had a share of disappointments in life. Instead of an appointment the appointment aborts.Proverbs 13:12 states that when we get disappointed our hearts gets crushed/we get heart sick/it breaks our hearts BUT but when a desire comes to pass/is fulfilled,it is a tree of life.

WOW! what a statement.My mind goes back to the tree of life in the garden of Eden.It sustained Adam and Eve.A fulfilled desire is that powerful.I see extremes here.A sickened heart and a heart full of life.

We go school expecting to make it, when we don’t its painful.

we get in a romantic relationship expecting a good thing to come out of it, when the relationship flops, we flop.

We go to an interview expecting to be hired, when we don’t we feel like failures

The most painful experiences are in relationships.Thats when we usually talk of a heart break. One can be wounded for life.Thats why Proverbs 18:14 says a man’s spirit can sustain him during sickness,but who can survive a beroken spirit? We expect the other person to be faithful to us, take responsibility and do their part in the relationship. We have expectations of how the other person should treat us and when they don’t we sulk. At times we blame ourselves for the other persons behavior.

Have you ever considered that at times things don’t work out, not because we are bad people.At times things dont work out and its for our own good.Also life happens, so they say.The most successful people in life, are those that dont quit because they have had a mishap.Even better,those that do get healed from emotional wounds,difficult as it may.They say the first stage to recovery is acceptance.Myself,i sometimes find it difficult to accept that i am stuck in a certain way of thinking, because i have been disappointed in that area before.

Disappointments have a way of wanting to crush our hope.They want to leave us downcast.When we keep on trying, and trying without seeing any change,we are tempted to loose hope.Which leads to being downcast.Its like a progression of events.

David said,”why,my soul,are you downcast? Why so desturbed within me? Put your hope in God,for i will yet praise him,my Savior and my God.”He encouraged himself in the Lord.

We ought to talk to ourselves when we are downcast/low.We need to put our hope in God.Knowing that he is the one that sustains us.God is not surprised by what comes our way.He has given us his word and by it we overcome.We are told of a quiet heart in Proverbs 14:30 that it is life to the body.A cheerful heart is  good as medicine Proverbs 17:22.Like Paul and Silus we will praise the Lord when we are in trouble

Praise Yee the Lord!

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