priceless/Spirit of life

Priceless, is advice given to the right person at the right time. For timely advice is lovely,        like golden apples in a silver basket  Proverbs 25:11 in the  right situation with the right attitude  right motive this friend is reliable Continue reading Priceless

I haven’t known, guarding is what they do

Guarding their emotions like a wound is what they do Indeed it’s an emotional wound They think someone will reopen it Also, they do take time worrying about what could be Hence end up lonely.   Guarding is what they Continue reading I haven’t known, guarding is what they do

Let’s say this together

no quiiting

  No  quitting Feeling like quitting? Struggles? Setbacks? Let’s say this together:          NO QUITTING As much as I face hurdles as much as there are stumbling blocks I can’t stop pursuing You I won’t stop pursuing Continue reading Let’s say this together

I will hold on


  I  will hang on Won’t let go Will hold onto my calling And the one who called me   salt  of  the  earth flavor savor I don’t want to lose my flavor to lose my savor my taste don’t Continue reading I will hold on

Facts are NOT always=to TRUTH

Facts versus truth They tell me to face the facts and believe in them yet the very same facts are false full of faults and fake promises they lead me to a failure roll The fact is at times I Continue reading Facts are NOT always=to TRUTH

Those moments

    Moments Moments of uncertainty, they surely do come A trial time I have  had those troublesome times when things just get haywire it’s like you are outside looking in trying to figure out stuff but feeling helpless exhibiting some Continue reading Those moments