A negative environment can be changed by positive reactions


Environment-I should not allow myself to be affected too much by the environment. But to affect it. I love to read around,learn and share ideas with others. But my problems usually comes into implementation.

In blogging I discovered  you can learn  until you are full of confusion.There is a lot of good information out there.And not so good one too.

Procrastination is one of  my Major issues.I am writing this for others and as a reminder for myself. I seriously  need to nudge myself. Remind myself to work hard and not to easily get comfortable.

Procrastination has caused me to loose opportunities in life.Just thinking that i will do it next week.And the following week the opportunity is gone.Then i am mad at myself.

We may not choose the activities of the environment



As iron sharpens iron,so one person sharpens another.Proverbs 27:17



            A comfortable environment



One day at a time



                Decide what you want to make of the enviroment
Make a decision

Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?


    Trouble; I have tried belonging wanna belong to their group so, have tried to fit in therefore, I do what they do plus, disdain what they disdain, at least I try but it’s to no avail   You Continue reading Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?

Facts about me versus real facts


facts about me

Facts that are obvious Facts that are obvious can deceive first, I seem extroverted and very confident plus sociable with a dash of daring like I just put my self out there as if I’m the life of the party and carefree Continue reading Facts about me versus real facts