Rich and colorful


    Rich-colorful. Rich with resources; minerals agricultural, educated people, also hardworking multitaskers tourism; Wild life birds animals; zebras lions monkeys baboons       Colorful in day-to-day life   Rich-colorful; The people generally appreciate beauty In the rural areas, they Continue reading Rich and colorful

Look past the obvious

obvious signs

Obvious signs   Look past race,culture & nationality Despise not others; in doing so,you’re also despising yourself.       Obvious signs can deceive Obvious signs can  deceive because they glare in our eyes also they can be so attractive Continue reading Look past the obvious

She cannot let this habit go…

  Habit My name is  Sadza. I don’t play. This writer, tried to let me go. and could not. She left the place, where  I’m the staple food then thought she could forget about me. but  couldn’t. Where Mavis comes Continue reading She cannot let this habit go…