For the most part,it’s a mist that occurs in the atmosphere,preventing one to see clearly.Usually it’s a nightmare for  drivers.Never heard of anybody, who just loves to drive through fog.It slows down the speed of traffic,makes one to be very conscious.It may even cause traffic accidents,if drivers are not careful.

But there is one kind of fog, which lingers around certain people most of the time,or which lingers  on any one of us once in a while.Fog of the mind;clutter, confusion, apprehension, worry ,insomnia, depression and such like.That one is more detrimental.It Slows down one’s thinking,progress,even slows down the progress of those around us. Can be very dangerous when one waits for too long to get help.

Its been said, society shuns people with mental challenges, hence the reason, most of the people with challenges don’t seek  help. I have had a few observation,whereby what we usually label as character/personality  issues,to the opposite its  psychological challenges. The trouble is usually those that are challenged, their families, and close friends are unaware  of what is going on.


Most people wait till it’s too late.There is help all around us.Counselling,medication & just talking to a friend.The word of God has several scriptures that do help in that regard…like,’cast ALL your cares on God,for He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

Yes there is physical fog, but mental fog they say it’s more torturous.It gotta go!


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