Love-air. Live it And Share it


  Love-air love is in  the air It is available available for all contend for it catch it inhale it don’t be tired of breathing in for it is life. take it in real good let it permeate your whole being Continue reading Love-air. Live it And Share it

My love for Indian food…

love Indian food

Love Indian food love Indian food My love for it is off the charts from nowhere I usually crave the spiced meal   The meal The meal hubby and I enjoyed of late; Lamb tikka masala plus Tandoori salmon salad Continue reading My love for Indian food…

Multitaskers of Africa


Multitaskers of Africa They toil they’re powerful very energetic they carry water from the wells or boreholes they are cooks carry firewood from the bushes as well as work in the fields. Multitasking women of Africa-what else do they do? Continue reading Multitaskers of Africa

The day I said I do..

Wedding day and now

My wedding: the day was like a dream when  I said, I do I knew  I loved my husband, and I was excited to marry the love of my life. We were friends before we started dating, and our thinking Continue reading The day I said I do..