A kind person does themselves a favor

kindness plus favor

Kindness plus favor work together. Proverbs 11:17 – knowing that practicing kindness comes back to me,makes me want to practise it more. For what we sow we will eventually reap Galatians 6:7 It is also wise to Do unto others as Continue reading A kind person does themselves a favor

Dinner plans tonight



Plans for dinner tonight
Dinner tonight

Dinner tonight

Dinner tonight is meatless

We are going for vegetables:

potatoes, carrots,

and some onions.

These just represent their friends


collard greens,

Meat-less  tonight

Dinner plans
dinner plans for tonight

I love meat, but hey at times  I got to rest

Meat all the days is not good for your body

After ravenously eating meat,

I just got to go on meat-less,’meat-leave’



Another Language and culture


This is another language – culture, ladies, and gentlemen. The language is called Shona. Shona is one of the two main native languages in Zimbabwe. And, I am Zimbabwean born and raised. Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa, just north of Continue reading Another Language and culture

Facts about me versus real facts


facts about me

Facts that are obvious can deceive first, I seem extroverted and very confident plus sociable with a dash of daring like I just put my self out there as if I’m the life of the party and carefree   Real facts Secondly, Continue reading Facts about me versus real facts

Colorful and a Ravenous


      Colorful.ravenous Colorful and ravenous: Colorfully and Ravenously also capturing matter. gravity winning ferociously. Gigantic and minute. Matter of all sorts of colors. Matter unwillingly,sliding and undulating downstream as a hostage eroding hence corroding the landscape   Colorful.ravenous.dangerous Continue reading Colorful and a Ravenous