A vast difference

Vast difference There is a vast difference between the tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.   Knowing Jesus, and knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.    Knowing the one who enables you to Continue reading A vast difference

I’m not perfect

I’m not perfect I’m not perfect never was and will never be In, and in myself, it’s not possible and will never be   It’s not a justification I’m not justifying my weakness for I do have several but I’m Continue reading I’m not perfect

Emphatically I refuse

emphatically refuse

ther Emphatically, refuse to roll in shame and to lose hope neither accepts defeat nor embrace negativity I refuse to give up to despair and go down the path of mediocrity I’m not going to embrace fear, for fear has Continue reading Emphatically I refuse

Much higher

Celebrating the birth of my Savior

  Higher Higher  than mine are  His ways And  His mind is much wiser that mine. He thinks good of me And His plans for me  are for good and not for bad To give me an expected end Plus Continue reading Much higher

Not ashamed


    Ashamed, No Ashamed of the gospel, I ‘m not for it is the power of God unto salvation. It is the good news that God is Love He sent  Jesus To proclaim the good news of the kingdom Continue reading Not ashamed

Keep the right kind of friends

Friends A loyal friend. Loving  friend Outnumbers  many false ones You don’t wanna have many of those Always  they bring ruin,a Loving  friend outweighs many false ones   Attend  closely to the type you associate with,because No association is without significance Don’t  Continue reading Keep the right kind of friends

Don’t allow them…


Enough Enough said.. done.. insinuated and advertised   Enough trying to get to me… They want to get into your mind,insidiously Inject it with poison twist and delude it They wanna have the right the privilege take the liberty To Continue reading Don’t allow them…



Daddy Every good and perfect gift, comes from above. From  The father of lights, who does not change, nor cast a shifting shadow.   The same yesterday, today and forever. The one who was ,is  and is to come. The God of Continue reading Daddy

You are more than that..

born agaiin woman

  Born again woman you are not, just a girl and you are not, just a single woman nor just a single mom. a wife. you are not just a stay at home mom.   You’re a daughter of Abraham. Continue reading You are more than that..