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Superior Domain is a place of uplifting, encouragement. And an eye-opener of African culture. I’m a mom, a mom-inlaw, and grandma. I love to encourage, and uplift others. Making somebody smile or their life better makes me fulfilled.

Life at times is full of challenges, that in turn can prevent us from enjoying the moment and the people we love. That can also deter us from thanking God for what we have. This blog is about that. Not giving up believing that good things can happen. Making priority on priorities. Enjoying day to day activities of life. Understand other people even though they are from another culture. Each one is # UNIQUE  I’m intentional about enjoying the company of family, be good to them, and make a difference in their lives. For, God placed us in the family to uplift one another, and be there for each other.

I live in Southern California but I’m originally from Southern Africa, specifically  Zimbabwe. Below, is the map of Africa, and the arrow is pointing on the map portion of Zimbabwe. Here on Superior Domain, I will be writing about my African heritage here and there.

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Map of Africa

My husband and I married in 1991, in Zimbabwe. We moved from Africa but not from God. That’s the grace of God manifesting in our lives. It hasn’t been our own doing. The Lord has sustained our faith, through lifestyle change and cultural shock. :).

We encourage each other in the things of God, like iron that sharpens another iron. The Lord has blessed us with two daughters. Beginning of 2018 God blessed us with a son in law, and beginning of 2019 He blessed us again with twin grandbabies. A boy & a girl. We are so overjoyed. Glory to God!


    Superior Domain & About me & my Keen interests

  1. I love sharing the Shona Culture and Language. Besides the fact that I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, I have A Bachelor of Arts Degree and A Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I taught Shona as Course for 8 years till the time we moved to the U.S.Shona is one of the vernacular languages in Zimbabwe. Teaching Shona entail
  • literature
  • Grammar,
  • Cultural norms,
  • Composition writing,
  • Comprehension and Practical criticism of a passage or book.
  • Therefore, I know pretty well how difficult it can be, raising your children in a different culture from what you pretty much know. It’s almost like you are speaking different languages. I have learned to appreciate the richness of every culture.
  • People might be different in color, culture but all humans have the same needs. Above all everybody is important. And children are a blessing from the Lord
  • Some of the posts on The Shona Culture, the people and language are Rich and colorful



  1. I’m also qualified to teach English as a Foreign language. ( TEFL). Being somebody I learned English as a Second Language helps me understand my students more. For me English was the language of instruction from 1st grade but, Shona is my mother tongue.

Below is the program of the TEFL course I did

  1. Grammar Course
  2. Methodology Course
  3. Video Observation Course
  4. Telephone Teaching Course
  5. Teaching Large Classes
  6. Classroom Class
  1. Young women issues. Apart from the fact that women, in general, have a lot to deal with, young women and girls, for the most part, are in a state of pain and confusion. The teenage issues that pertain to dressing, friendships, body image, and dating, marriage can trouble them. Therefore I take it upon myself to bring some light into those kinds of issues or be a friend. .Puberty years struggles that were torturous, lonesome and confusing and Let him pursue you
Superior Domain
Girls having fun


Superior Domain
nurturing a baby

Superior domain & Children

As I mentioned earlier, I love children. Therefore, I want to see them thrive mentally, educationally and emotionally. Pretty much thriving in all aspects of life. I love the family unit. Thereby, comes the excitement when I encourage a mom, dad, aunt or anybody that contributes towards the family unit.  Be careful what you say to your children. Words kill, words give life

  As a young girl, I  had challenges hence, I am passionate about helping these precious people. I try to encourage and give hope through these writings. .Lonely Girl, with the obsession of mother’s astounding illness

But, if you don’t know Christ yet, we welcome you. We also have resources for you. How to receive-salvation/We love you!

At times I write just to entertain, make you guys think on the lighter side of life.

My faith in Jesus Christ is at the core of my being. In Him, I live, move & have my being: Acts 17:28


       Superior Domain and My beliefs and who I am –facts

What I believe is who I am

hence cannot separate the two

‘Cause  the two are one

I love to share the Word of God and anything that can help us live a better life. Scriptures have sustained me and kept me sane.

May you experience the love of God as you read these writings

Feel at home.


Articles on Superior Domain


All articles on this blog are by me unless otherwise noted. I believe in the Bible. So my convictions will be so clear on these pages. I might not quote a verse but only infer at times. If you would love to use some of the articles, you are most welcome. I also would appreciate if you would acknowledge the author. Thanks much.

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