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wedding thingsWedding things

This was 1993 and we were still paying our wedding debts. Specifically, the video and picture. Really, what were we thinking? We had multiple pictures for each moment. There is this thing we women usually want. We want to talk about how glamorous the wedding was. The gown, bridesmaid dresses, the cake, decorations, and food. Sometimes we end up comparing wedding. As if it’s a competition. I’m not against beautiful weddings. In fact, I really love beauty and wedding things.

I’m here to say that, you can have a beautiful wedding without spending much. If you have much at your disposal, it’s all good. One other thing I have discovered, the most expensive the wedding is, is not necessarily the most beautiful. And again, beauty means different things to different people. Whatever means beautiful to you, go by it.


wedding things

Budget, budget, and  budget

Don’t do what we did! We just knew what we wanted for the wedding. I did not put a budget on it. We did not consider what was affordable and reasonable for us. It was a big confusion, to say the least. We would add stuff as we go. Plus I can’t even tell you how much we spent in total?  A big NO! Even an idea.:)


Wedding things-Venue

How much is the venue and do they cater? Also how accessible is the venue, transport wise? It’s also important to consider if your family and friends can afford transportation and hotel accommodations, for guests(if any). If not do they have specific caterers they recommend. Or can you bring in your own food? For us, the venue was not that much. It was a beautiful rental hall in downtown Zvishavane, Zimbabwe. Another Language and culture

I cannot remember the price, that was 26 years ago. We have nothing written down. They allowed us to bring our own food. Our parents from both sides provided the meat, they both slaughtered a cow. And wow, the meat was plenty. We did give transportation to my folks because this was several miles from my parent’s place.

wedding things


My husband and I provided drinks and salads. Accommodation wise, our family members in the town tried by all means to accommodate family members. My husband’s family is just a few miles from downtown. So relatives on my husband’s side were good.


wedding things-Presents

wedding things
wedding things/clay jar

wedding things



In Zimbabwe, we are big in presence. Monetary and item wise.Items like cutlery, cooking or dinner, bedding sets. Traditional/cultural items like clay pots, and bread baskets.  When we were planning the wedding, my hubby and I anticipated lots of money. To say the truth, we swallowed a big chunk of disappointment. Some close people did not show up. And with no reasonable explanation. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but  God’s grace was superabundant for us. We did not get bitter or retaliate. We got several hundred and kitchen items. It wasn’t that bad, but you know that young mind. You go to a wedding thinking so and so, let’s say they give us so much :) Really how naïve, can one be. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch…and I don’t mean to say don’t expect good. But don’t overspend expecting to get money from people. Just enjoy the fact that you are gonna be getting married to your best friend, and surrounded by the people you love.

wedding things

wedding things
the bread basket
Wedding things Overall feel


wedding things

In Africa, a good wedding must have lots of food, family, joy, laughter, and dancing. Food is that Important, to the extent that the native people have a saying which says, “Relationships are not complete unless you partake of food together.”  The women were ululating and throwing rice. Which serves the same purpose as confetti.


wedding thingsAnd yes, the most important thing is the two joint together. The night before, people don’t usually sleep much, because of excitement.  They sing songs of joy and teasing the daughter in law or son-in-law. The wedding was a blast. I tell you folks eat, danced and sang. This is when the bride’s side usually wants the son-in-law to square up the lobola. Lobola is the monies, cows, and clothes the bride’s parents get from the groom’s side.  And this one is HUGE! another-language-culture

wedding things


This is now at 26 years down the line. God has been faithful. Have learned several learns of life. Which we can humbly share and tell. We can pretty much at this stage and say, been there, done that!

wedding things


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