Each one is # UNIQUE



each one of us is unique


of use

special, we all are special

strength, each one has some

weaknesses, we all have them

although we have differences

but, All are God’s creations

after His likeness

and image

everyone is special




The Creator loves us all, with a burning love

He loves us with all our uniquiness

He sent His son for all

to die for all

that all who receive Him

Will have eternal life


God is the God of ALL humanity Jeremiah 32:27

The God who says,

Whoever comes to Him He will not cast them away  John 6:37

He also says,

Come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest Matthew 11:28

For He satisfies the weary ones and refreshes everyone who languishes  Jeremiah 31:35

Jesus also made a request, “If anyone thirsty. let Him come to Me and drink” John 7:37

He knows we are peculiar


and wants us to come to him as we are

so we water polishes and prunes us

Plus, God rewards those that diligently seek Him


The issue, therefore IS

Not everybody who is invited goes to God to drink

They are thirsty, but they don’t go to the source of water

they want to go to their own cisterns that do not quench thirsty.

therefore, they end up comparing themselves with us

boosting that they are better than the other flower

or feeling low because the other flower looks more glamourous.

they don’t know the Lord is the one that fulfills


When the gardener wants a beautiful bouquet, he combines several times and colors of flowers

for, they all are beautiful

shine differently


weaknesses are different

Therefore, the gardener knows best by combing some of the flowers, for a beautiful flower arrangement.

About Mavis Chuma

I love Jesus. I love life. I love people. My life is hid in Christ in God. I belong to God & am seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ. As Jesus is in heaven so am I in the world. So I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am a winner.

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