The thought

The thought of being not understood.
The thought of people thinking you are crazy.
The thought of them thinking, you don’t get it.


They think, what they think is right.
They condemn, in order to feel right.
They torture, in order to feel good, about themselves.
They pride themselves, in thinking they are right.


Are they?
Are they right?


Nothing  new  under the sun.
The son of God,
Son of man,
Was a man acquainted with grief, and sorrow.
They scorned Him,
They tortured Him.
He understands,
He understands it ALL.
The separation with His father, He went through,
‘Cause of our sin.


My God,my God,why have you forsaken me?


He gets it.
He understands.


Continue doing right.
Continue being upright.
He understands.
He went through it ALL

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