Keep the right kind…

A loyal friend. Loving  friend Outnumbers  many false ones You don’t wanna have many of those Always they bring ruin,a Loving friend outweighs many false ones   Attend closely to the type you associate with No association is without significance Don’t associate with Continue reading Keep the right kind…

#WilsonandMavis#25years in marriage

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary Wilson,we have come a long way….WOW!Wedding anniversary it is.. In sickness and in health. Love has survived. Some 25 years ago, who would have thought… Only the grace of God, has brought us this far. Not by mighty nor Continue reading #WilsonandMavis#25years in marriage

Lonely Girl,with obsession of mom’s astounding illness

astounding illness

Astounding illness versus this tender little  girl who needs tender loving care from the mother But her mom in incapacitated by illness So she spends her days in bed At her age, this  girl needs security and stability be playful and carefree Continue reading Lonely Girl,with obsession of mom’s astounding illness