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Superior Domain

Superior Domain is a territory much superior to the territory of the enemy. I believe in God. And His Superior Domain. Hence the name of this blog. In the domain of God,He is King. His territory is spiritual and extends to those who believe in Him

Who i am in connection to Superior Domain/this blog

I love Jesus and I am also a worshiper. My worship comes  out of the grace and love of God He has shown upon my life.Therefore i love to praise Him and give Him glory.

I live in Southern California but,I’m originally from Africa, specifically  Zimbabwe. And on the map below, Zimbabwe is  country pointed by the arrow. It’s to the South East of Africa. On these pages I will be writing about my heritage here and there.

Superior Domain

My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We encourage each other in the things of God, as iron that sharpens iron. The Lord has blessed us with blessed  two daughters. I’m  a nurse with a background in teaching & have a Diploma in Business Studies. I endeavor to use all my experiences to the glory of God


My Keen interests

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I have a keen interest in people’s thinking processes & how that affects their behavior.Very much interested in seeing women & girls and their cheerleaders live victorious lives.I endeavor to encourage & give hope through these writings.And  at times just to entertain,make you guys think on the lighter side of life.

My faith in Jesus Christ is at the core of my being.In Him i live ,move & have my being:Acts 17:28

       My beliefs and who i am http://superiordomain.net/facts/

What I believe is who I am

Cannot separate the two

‘Cause  the two are one

I love to share the Word of God and anything that can help us live a better life. Scriptures have sustained me and kept me sane.

May you experience the love of God as you read these writings

Feel at home.


Articles on Superior Domain


All articles  on this blog are  by Mavis , unless otherwise noted.I  believe in the the Bible.So  my convictions will be so clear on these pages.I might not quote a verse  but only infer at times.If you would love to use them, or share, you are most welcome.Also would appreciate if  you would acknowledge the author .Thanks much.

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