Multitaskers of Africa

Multitaskers of Africa


They toil

they’re powerful

very energetic

they carry water from the wells or boreholes

they are cooks

carry fire wood from the bushes

as well as work in the fields.


Multitasking women of Africa-what else do they Do?

They are the main teachers

of local culture and  norms

they train

and impart knowledge

they give their all for the benefit of the family

and are very  loving.

plus they are generous to passersby:

if they don’t have anything to give for food,

they offer a cup of water.

You can actually see one of them carrying a baby on the back

holding hands with another one

carrying something on the head

above all  pregnant

and working in the fields,

without complaining.

For they know farming is their livelihood.


Multitaskers of Africa-power packed women


The Women of Africa

these are the women of Zimbabwe

especially those in the rural areas.

These women do  amaze me

because they are amazingly


They are resilient.

They do enjoy their lifestyle.


This older woman could be living with grandchildren

and taking care of them.

Raising their grand children is a joy.

Several of the children in the rural areas,live  grandparents.

Whilst the parents are working in the city.

The grandmother is the one that mostly does the hands on care and training..




She could be living by herself

but never feel lonely

’cause the other women come by

bringing in food

checking on her

helping her carry her groceries.

Such is the life

Community is a big one.


Family is of utmost importance

The last time my husband i visited family in Zimbabwe,

We came back so tired.

Because culturally we had to go see each family member that was near by

If somebody had passed several years before,no matter we had called to offer our condolences,

we had to do it now in person.

In the community,everybody knows each other.

They rally up in times of joy and trouble.

The women as usual making sure:

there is water,food,there is firewood,enough blankets,

the men too can help some if it’s a big gathering.

Above all they make sure everyone has eaten and is comfortable

Such are the women of Africa.




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