Waters that are surging with life

Life giving Waters

Waters surging with life
pulsating with life

Life giving waters

which is the River of Life,

flowing from the throne of God,

And of the Lamb.

Moving through the middle of the City,

clear as crystal.

in the middle of the river

and on the side of the river

On each side of the river,

were  trees of life.

With its twelve kinds of fruit,

Yielding  its fruit, each month.

The leaves, for the healing of the nations.


A spiritual river


These life giving waters are  a spiritual river.

Those who drink from it,

Will not thirst again.

Out of their bellies,

Shall flow rivers,

Rivers of living waters.

Blessed are those who wash,

Who wash their robes,

They will have the right,

The right to the tree of life.

I want to wash my robes.

keep them clean.

I am so eager,

So eager to have the right,

The right to the tree of life.

I want life.

A great revelation of life giving waters


A great revelation,

Unto the Apostle John.

Not only unto him,

But to us ALL,

US ALL, that get to read,

And to know, of the great revelation


What is a revelation?

A showing of something that was not in the open

And an explanation of it,

the reason for it.

We are never alone,

never abandoned,

the river of life is available.

Revelaration    22:1-3



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