A great mystery

Great mystery:

Bone of my bones

also flesh of my flesh.

She shall be called woman.

because she came out of man.


Therefore man to leave his parents.

And Join to his wife.

Man to leave the nest and cleave to wife

because he has to start leading his own family.

Hence  become one flesh.

As a result: Bone to bone, flesh to flesh.


Husband to love wife,

As Christ loved the Church

And gave Himself for her,

To purify her,

By the word.

In the same fashion,husband to love his wife,

as his own body,

for Christ loves His own body:

the church


Wife to respect, and honor her own husband.

As the Church submits to Christ,

Who is her head and Savior.

hence the husband is head of the wife

Wife is privileged to have the head:

She does not have to lead,because the Lord has provided the leader.

the lead and love of husband.

Consequently husband is

to make sure he leads in word and action

Above all in love

That’s  a great mystery.





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