My valentine day discovery,was over the top

Great food

My husband and I love great food

We don’t care whether it’s Indian




Give us good food

And we are just fine

  Where do we go for good food

When we decide to go out to eat,

that ordeal can take a while

Eating out for us is a way of relaxing,

And breaking out routine

Also it’s a time of reconnecting.

So we love to look for a good place:

checkout reviews,

talk among ourselves :)

Then we have a deal

This time around

Great food this time came from an unlikely place:

just a few blocks from our place.

We usually want to drive a few miles

but we thought to check out ‘this place’

Boy were we mesmerized

Valentine day,great food
Great food

The featured picture was part of the first course

the meats…I had to ask for the names:

bulgogi, prime brisket, teriyaki chicken, pork belly

Plus 4 sides; kimchi, sauerkraut, salad  and seaweed.

Also rice and nodules.

Like I usually say, some of the stuff I didn’t know them at all,

but hey, didn’t care.

Second round  was 4 meats and 4 sides again.

We were too full from the first round,

Just requested 2 kinds of meat,

cause we were already full.

Talk of condiments: sauces etcetera. yummy.

Hubby had the honors of barbecuing.

Great food/meat on the works
meat on the works

I am not affiliated to this place or anything,

but when somebody does their job excellently,

they deserve a shout out

This is Korean Barbecue restaurant.

Great servers:

Our server explained to us how things go,

since it was our first time at the restaurant.

Ever-smiling: never showed some negative attitude.

The place was busy since it was Valentines,

yet he kept on checking on us.

we felt good

We felt at home

Great place


great food!


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