What is it with the forbidden……

the forbidden
The forbbiden

Strength of the forbidden

The strength of the forbidden,
Is in being forbidden.
There is something about people,
Once they are given a rule,They wanna break it.That’s the power of the forbidden.

As a kid I was very familiar with the barbed wire.

In Zimbabwe,they love to use it, to protect homes or gardens.

I used to love to take short cuts on my little journeys,

so  I know the sting of the barbed wire too well 🙂

i have had several cuts


When somebody messes up,
Owns up to their faults,
Talks openly about it,
The sting of the issue lessens.

Strength of secrecy

The strength of sin is in secrecy.
When you keep your failures to yourself,
You cannot get help from others.
Hence history keeps repeating itself.
The more you repeat,the more you feel like a failure.
The more you feel like a failure,you get into hopelessness.
Hopelessness into anger and all sorts of negative issues.


Trespass  knows it’s forbidden.Once done, it forbids you to tell anybody.

Don’t tell nobody, they will reject you.

they will judge you.

they wont look at you the same.

Don t tell them  ’cause they will think you are a failure.

The more that failure tells you not to tell,

you wanna strengthen your bond, with the failure.

The more you do the forbidden.

You wanna protect your data.

protect yourself from data analyses

You become a prison of the secret.

WE SHOULD never get caught right.




To confess our sins one to another, and pray for one another,so that you will be healed. James 5:16
Healed from the effects of sin .
He who hides his sin, will not prosper,but the one who confesses,and forsakes them will find mercy.
You have a secret..
You have a problem...
Confess to  a reliable person.
One who knows how to bear their neighbour’s  burdens.
One who does not only think, of their own needs.
Most importantly, go to the throne of grace boldly/with complete trustand you will receive grace/His loving kindness and mercy,to help us in time of need.
The Lord will help you.

When in need run to God
Nothing is hid from His sight.
He knows our weaknesses.
Jesus is the advocate,who feels for our inadequacies.
Tempted in every way but never sinned.



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