Day 3; 1st quote challenge

It is more blessed to give than to receive

Acts 20:35


 America you are a great nation. Leaving our country, some 15 years ago. Knowing a few people, in the destination nation.Just following our instincts, but also unsure. Leaving the life that we knew, moving towards the unknown. Unknown but heard about. Unknown, but read about. Excitement, mixed with concern, Anticipation, mixed with the how, when, what.


The questions were followed by a lot of  discoveries. America, God made you great.He made you great, for a reason.Indeed you are blessed. It is more blessed to give  than to receive..You give, and give, and give again. You embrace foreigners.You attend to other nations’ needs. You are NOT  self -absorbed. You are a blessing. You are  blessed! Be blessed with more wisdom. Be blessed with more peace. Be blessed with everything, The Lord has planned for you.

Happy  Independence!

And may The  Good Lord, Bless you Abundantly!




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Ashley Hearod

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This has been a lot of fun.Thanks to Robin at rbaldwin0204 for nominating me.

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