Facts about me versus real facts

What people see

Facts that are obvious can deceive

firstly, I seem extroverted

and very confident

plus sociable

with a dash of daring

like I just put my self out there

as if I’m the life of the party

and carefree


Real facts

Secondly, Far from it

Naturally, I’m timid

and prone to anxiety puberty-years-struggles

plus pessimism


I take time to warm up to people,

hence some think I’m proud or aloof

Not a fan of crowds

hence, when I’m around people for functions, I’m like:

     ‘Since the function is over, can we go home now’

I love my me-time

Just getting into my thoughts.


and adjusting them.

I am a deep thinker.

And an analyzer of situations, spaces, and the like.

Just stand in front me I could analyze you and presume :)

not good  ’cause I presume wrong at times

Have no problem spending time by myself

so I don’t usually feel lonely if by myself

just give me my gadgets :) and I am good to go.


        Here are my advantages

  • I aligned with The Fearless One
  • The confident one
  1.  So cling to Him every day
  2.  to His Word that is TRUTH
  3. He is my confidence
  4. my sanity
  5. anchor
  6. plus fortress
  7. my high tower
  8. and hiding place
  9. my inspiration
  10. hence I stay in the Word and attempt to practice it in my life
  • .Trying to believe the best of everybody
  • To forgive and love
  • At times do things for the sake of others, as long as they are not bad.
  • try to enjoy the moment


Aligning with the Lord has been much of an advantage for me.

Because  I  don’t have to try to do good in my power.

Since  I’m inadequate on my own.


anxious astounding-illness



and without love


Who the Lord is to me

The Lord has been my greatest cheerleader

For, He states in the Word, that if I abide in Him,

He also will abide in me.

That way I will bear fruit,

He is the vine and I am a branch.

I don’t ever wanna forget that

for when I am in the Lord, in His Word,

I have freedom


and peace.

Because real peace comes from the Lord.



I will stay at it.

Stay in Him

And hold onto His grace which is enough for me.


I wouldn’t stand it

or live a ‘normal’ life

or survive.


Victorious in Him

For me, my weaknesses and challenges keep me at the feet of Jesus

For when I’m weak then I’m strong,

that is the Lord’s strength becomes mine.

Since I’m more than a conqueror through Christ.

I can do all things through Him

Because He has already conquered the enemy and all evil for me.

I have learned to go to the throne of grace in time of need

And trust me, those needy moments are several

I just need to accept His help.

Also, continue to remember He loves it when I go to Him.

Boldly,  the precious blood of Jesus opened the way for me.


About Mavis Chuma

I love Jesus. I love life. I love people. My life is hid in Christ in God. I belong to God & am seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ. As Jesus is in heaven so am I in the world. So I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am a winner.

36 Replies to “Facts about me versus real facts”

  1. I fee like I just read about myself! Lol. I’m totally social but I am so much an introvert. And I get so overwhelmed I big crowds like I can’t breath. I can totally relate. Blessings.

  2. I absolutely love that you see God as your cheerleader. I look up to that and admire you obvious devotion to the Lord. God bless you, dear!

  3. You and I must be soul sisters because I am the same way you are! 🙂 Intoverted bloggers for the win! Hehe.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I’m an introvert too. Keep being exactly who God created you to be. You have some great insights.

  5. beautifully written, thanks for sharing. You are an introvert like me. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you are shy or unsocial but that you need quiet time to recharge.

  6. Hi! I like how you began with facts and then “real facts”. Thanks for opening up and being vulnerable and still pointing back to our King!

  7. Hello Mavis, Good to hear about you and your love and confidence in the LOrd. I love that line that God has been your greatest cheerleader. I was just trying to visualize that in my life too.

    God bless.


  8. Mavis, not only did I enjoy the thoughts from your heart, but I really liked the format of presentation !! I enjoyed it so much, it helped me feel better about my insecurities of some of my writings. Your thoughts here are a true reflection of the joy that is ours when we walk with our Lord. Thank you, and bless you sister !

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