Please,let me in

Core-I want to know the real you

Core-your core is where I wanna get

I am concerned about you

Please, let me in

Let me know your desires

Fill me in, on what makes you tick

Open up, on your wounds

Would you let your guard down a little

And a little more.

One day at a time.

And we will get there

I want to know what has wounded you

For me not to wound you.

Where you have been wounded before

How can I not wound you, when I don’t know your tender spots


Let me get to the Core of the matter

Let me in;

So we can take care of the wound together

Two are better than one.

when one falls, one lifts up the other.

That wound is festering with infection

I see its red, I senseĀ it’s warm, and exudate

I wanna be there for you

To bear some of your burden

I wanna make you feel better

I want in


We can get to the Core, Layer by Layer

I yearn to connect at every level

Don’t want a superficial relationship

nor walking on egg shells

Layer by layer

Sure, a real connection is doable

It’s possible


but not without challenges.

yes,they exist to strengthen

to give our emotional muscles a boost

please, let me in.



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