Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?


Sexy, basically means attractive/appealing correct me if I am wrong ūüôā Whatever they truly mean by sexy it’s beyond me it’s really become like a disease a contagious one a wound that’s developed gangrene thereby infectious smelly unsightly and needs Continue reading Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?

I’m in too deep , hands, feet, everything, no turning back, ’cause it’s dangerous



I’m in too deep

First and foremost, Deep in, I am:

hands, feet, and everything.

Secondly, No turning back since it’s dangerous

I ‘m all in

So, I can’t NOT worship God

Because He Is my sustenance

Additionally, my sanity

my provision

That’s why¬† I got to keep ongoing

   Forward is the Way

I will keep on swimming deeper

Deeper into Him

Into the waters deeper

Into the waters of His Word, I will dive in

I want the Word to continue washing me

¬†¬†¬† It’s done or die

I want to continue drinking from the Living Waters,

because they are refreshing,

since they revitalize my spirit

due to their giving me peace

joy and liberty.

I want to continue drinking from the well,

the well that never runs dry.

No turning back

It’s done or dies

And it’s gonna be DO

My Puberty struggles that were torturous,lonesome and confusing




Puberty years struggles
A girl struggling with low self-image

Puberty struggles experienced were lonesome and confusing. Since I  felt uncomfortable having my body shape and alignment change. Sorry for too much info. I got to do this so that my message will be clear.

My mom passed when¬†I was 12, and that left me with some insecurities. I ¬†had elder sisters¬† I could ask about some of the girls’ stuff. I¬† actually lived with one of them, however, I could not bring myself up to say anything. Because then, I was very shy when it comes to body issues and didn’t want to talk about it.


What was it about these puberty struggles?

My menses started at 13 and did not want anybody at home to know. Since¬† I was very uncomfortable about it. And shy too. Hence that made it difficult for me to have access to the right sanitary pads. I also started developing breasts, and hips. When it came to hips that were a huge torcher to me. Being an hour-glass girl after my mom, of course, I would try to hide under sweaters. The boys added salt to the wound ’cause they would check me out. I did not want to wear a bra…In my mind, I thought if ¬†I would ignore the inevitable, the features won’t be apparent. I really thought I looked older and bigger than my peers. Therefore I admired late bloomers. Them puberty years’ struggles were really twisting my mind.

At school, I did not like to change into a swimming costume. Hence feeling like the odd one out, to my self and others. Leaving me feeling like I was abnormal. I would give an excuse that I could not swim, which is true. Yet, the main reason was I was shy.


Anybody like me, out there? or who knows somebody like that?

The mirror and camera have become an obsession today


It seems there are other issues or just the same but wearing different faces. Through reading around and talking to young girls, I figured the following. Some girls think they are not skinny enough, pretty enough even light enough.¬† Don’t have a big enough burst or think their burst is too small. ¬†It could be about their legs( they are too skinny or too thick). Those with acne most of the time struggle ’cause they try all sorts of remedies to no avail. A comparison of clothing is also a big one. How fashionable someone is and how much of a big wardrobe is at one’s disposal.


I want to fit in. I want to look cool. l want to look like the rest of them are also major outcries.

Sometimes there is a comparison among siblings, which is not healthy for the family love and unity. It’s of utmost importance for parents to know how to affirm their girls without comparison. Somebody said ‘the selfie-issue’ is leading most of the younger girls into depression. Because of comparison and trying to keep up. I can’t remember who said it, but I believe their observation is right. Social media, for the most part, isn’t doing us a favor. Our young girls are loaded with negative information. They, therefore, really need some good direction..


Questions like the ones below are  their torment and torture

How do I measure up?

What do other girls think about me?

Do boys think I am attractive?

Do they think I am cool?

What should we do about girls undergoing puberty years


    We really need to be on the lookout for any issues. And listen to them plus attend to any of their struggles. To affirm, encourage, and motivate our young girls to accept their looks. They need to know that everybody is beautiful, but we are different in shape and bone structures. And if they are overweight, carefully talk to them about it. Because usually when a girl is overweight, they are already beating themselves up about it. As parents, teachers, or older women, we can teach them to clean themselves up. And enhance their beauty without going overboard.

Girls desperately need the right kind of validation.

A negative environment can be changed by positive reactions


Environment-I should not allow myself to be affected too much by the environment. But to affect it. I love to read around,learn and share ideas with others. But my problems usually comes into implementation.

In blogging I discovered  you can learn  until you are full of confusion.There is a lot of good information out there.And not so good one too.

Procrastination is one of  my Major issues.I am writing this for others and as a reminder for myself. I seriously  need to nudge myself. Remind myself to work hard and not to easily get comfortable.

Procrastination has caused me to loose opportunities in life.Just thinking that i will do it next week.And the following week the opportunity is gone.Then i am mad at myself.

We may not choose the activities of the environment



As iron sharpens iron,so one person sharpens another.Proverbs 27:17



            A comfortable environment



One day at a time



                Decide what you want to make of the enviroment
Make a decision

We don’t see eye to eye

eye to eye

    I’m not a fan of deadlines their headlines underlined for emphasis Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock goes slowly with no¬† empathy and determined As a bride walking down the aisle.   Deadlines I was just thinking, ‘how did this Continue reading We don’t see eye to eye

Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?


    Trouble; I have tried belonging wanna belong to their group so, have tried to fit in therefore, I do what they do plus, disdain what they disdain, at least I try but it’s to no avail   You Continue reading Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?

A kind person does themselves a favor

kindness plus favor

Kindness plus favor work together. Proverbs 11:17 Рknowing that practicing kindness comes back to me,makes me want to practise it more. For what we sow we will eventually reap Galatians 6:7 It is also wise to Do unto others as Continue reading A kind person does themselves a favor

Confused…No…I got no time to waste, ’cause I’m almost 50

Confused…No… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Confused ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† No I got no time to waste, ’cause I’m almost 50. I turned 49 in January and I’m thanking The Lord for it ¬† ¬† ¬†He Continue reading Confused…No…I got no time to waste, ’cause I’m almost 50