Parenting is a privilege,for children are a heritage from the Lord

Enjoy time with your kids,parenting is an honor

  Parenting as a privilege Parenting is a great privilege, first and for all and a great opportunity. For not everybody has had the opportunity to have children. Some are praying and fasting for children and going through several treatments, to Continue reading Parenting is a privilege,for children are a heritage from the Lord

A mother’s pleasant words are like honey to the child’s tongue


Pleasant Words

Mothe's pleasant words is like honey
Girl enjoying her mother’s pleasant words

A mother’s pleasant words are like honey to the child’s tongue, this is why  I wrote blessing notes to our daughters beginning of the year. I am encouraging all mothers or any woman who is dealing with children to bless them/speak good of them.Speak those good things we wish for their lives.Ladies, we are nurturers.There is something in us women, which God has entrusted us with.Let’s not slacken.The kids need us.Even our men need us.

God blessed my husband and me with two daughters. The first one is 25 is a very responsible young woman. The second one is about 23 and is a hard worker.

We love to speak and write positive statements, Biblical truth and words of encouragements to them.We pick one or two things they are good at and reinforce.We don’t lie.If they are doing something contrary to what we expect, we tell them, they can do better.This has opened a way for the girls to come to me for advice especially when it’s girl issues.We have a relationship of Trust, and we thank God for it.We are not perfect by any means.We are still learning.

Children need to hear their parents talk good about them, encourage them,  ’cause it does good to their souls. That brings life to their beings and future. Who better to do that than the parent. In other words, it’s called blessing your children.

This one was for our first daughter. The other one coming soon.

A mother’s pleasant words as honey

  Here we go:

Blessings to a daughter
Blessings for the year

Happy new year Salome Nyasha (Grace)

Thanks be to God, for keeping you

He is your Keeper


And Guide

May 2017 bring you joy,
 and gladness
I speak great strides in your life;

 and Personally


You are a victor

A young woman, that is very responsible

You are beautiful



And kind

Love you lots

Mommy dearest

Salome  loved and appreciated this: INDEED it was like honey on her tongue..