It’s parents’ joy to see their children grow and spread their wings


Its the joy of every parent  seeing their children flourish I love to see our children thinking responsibly and spreading their wings. Experimenting with new horizons. Trying to do great things. Especially if we are not pushing  them Seeing the Continue reading It’s parents’ joy to see their children grow and spread their wings

What’s up with epilepsy?





Epilepsy is a disease which can be debilitating

It can also be mysterious.

In high school our headmaster had epilepsy,

and students would laugh since they were ignorant.

Know the symptoms.

and  the signs

help somebody deal with epilepsy

and lessen the challenge

bear one another’s burden.

Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.

Learnt an ear

Volunteer to pick up medications

Take the parents out

Encourage the one living with the disease.


two are better than one.

also when you share a problem the burden lessens


Don’t judge

Don’t judge

You never know how somebody feels about their problems.

you are not in their shoes,

so it’s them that would know how heavy the shoe is.

Don’t minimize their problem either

’cause tomorrow they won’t want to share with you


Epilepsy and ignorance

When I was younger

most of us  were ignorant of the dynamics it’s dynamics

they would laugh at those suffering from the disease.

Ignorance  is very bad

because it can destroy self and others.


Remedy of ignorance

Get knowledge

Read around

Be curious

Desire knowledge

know facts

distinguish facts from myth

get understanding

help others understand