Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?


Sexy, basically means attractive/appealing correct me if I am wrong ūüôā Whatever they truly mean by sexy it’s beyond me it’s really become like a disease a contagious one a wound that’s developed gangrene thereby infectious smelly unsightly and needs Continue reading Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?

Rich and colorful


    Rich-colorful. Rich with resources; minerals agricultural, educated people, also hardworking¬†multitaskers tourism; Wildlife birds animals; zebras lions monkeys baboons ¬† ¬† ¬† Rich-Colorful in day-to-day life   Rich-colorful; The people generally appreciate the beauty In rural areas, they love Continue reading Rich and colorful

Multitaskers of Africa


Multitaskers of Africa They toil they’re powerful very energetic they carry water from the wells or boreholes they are cooks carry firewood from the bushes as well as work in the fields. Multitasking women of Africa-what else do they do? Continue reading Multitaskers of Africa

She cannot let this habit go…

  A habit is usually difficult to let go Especially if it’s estranged in the culture My name is¬† Sadza. I don’t play. This writer tried to let me go. but could not. She left the place, where¬† I’m the Continue reading She cannot let this habit go…