Is your brain fried,there is a way out.

Brain FryBrain fry?Are you wondering
Where you are going
If you are gonna make it
Where you are gonna live
If you are gonna land that good job
meet that special mate
….get married

Are you drowning yourself
In fb.insta,twitter,etc
How about binge watching; Hulu,Netflix

Indulge in smoking,partying,drinking
Drafting up yourself
with that boyfriend/girlfriend,
Just to get out of your head
Trying to forget

Are you afraid to face
Your own life?

Wouldn’t it be better,if
you stop running from your shadow
Face it
face life  head on
Come on,you got what it takes
Work for  where you are going
Where you wanna be
Don’t waste your life and energy
on that which  does not profit

RESPONSE to Brain fry

Do not fear
There is hope
There is one who created our future
He has already made good plans for us
Cooperate with Him

Prayer for one who is into brain fry

To the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob,I surrender my life to You.
intervene in my life.I cannot do it without you.I need you desperately. In the name of Jesus,I pray.Amen.

About Mavis Chuma

I love Jesus. I love life. I love people. My life is hid in Christ in God. I belong to God & am seated in heavenly places with Jesus Christ. As Jesus is in heaven so am I in the world. So I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. I am a winner.

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