Lonely Girl,with obsession of mom’s astounding illness

Astounding illness versus

this tender little  girl

who needs tender loving care from the mother

But her mom in incapacitated by illness

So she spends her days in bed

At her age, this  girl needs security
and stability
 be playful and carefree
 Free from every care in the world, but  she is care-full.


She lives with her mom, who is ill.
Mom is laying down indoors.
The daughter gets outdoors to play
And  enjoy her childhood. That’s what children do right?
Yet, her childhood, is marred by care, concern, anxiety and worry.
She is thinking whilst she is playing the mom might pass on.


She stealthily walks to the window and peeps.
Peeps through the window, as a way of checking on mom.
Mom should get alright
for herself, and her little girl.
Her little girl, that loves her so much.
And now feels insecure since mom might be no more anytime

’cause this astounding illness is gaining ground by the day


Such is her daily routine
Her mom is everything to her.
To her, everything mom has ever done ,
is sacrificial, satisfactory and sweet.


She walks to school, in deep thought
Is this the last time, she has laid her eyes on mom.
All this, is a secret

’cause she doesn’t even know how to explain herself
‘Nobody will understand’, she thinks to herself.

Everyday is like a mirage

The world is not that clear


Wouldn’t it be considerate, if  some considerate person would care.
If they would care, care enough, to attend to the girl’s emotions.

And ask her how she feels

But then in her culture, issues like this are like taboo talk about

Nobody wants to talk about what could happen
They say, a problem shared is half solved.
Surely this girl’s needs someone to hear her out.

About the mom’s astounding illness.


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