Have you made going to church an end in itself?


Have you made attending church services an end in itself?

    Have you made going to church an end in itself? Why do you go to church? Also, are you getting the most out of it? Most importantly, what does the Bible say about it? Have you made going Continue reading Have you made going to church an end in itself?

Be careful what you say to your children. Words kill, words give life


Raising children is an art. Therefore, be cautious, because words kill, and words give life. Proverbs 18:21 Since the tongue has power The art has to be learned and practiced thus practice speaking wisely to your children even if you Continue reading Be careful what you say to your children. Words kill, words give life

Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?


Sexy, basically means attractive/appealing correct me if I am wrong ūüôā Whatever they truly mean by sexy it’s beyond me it’s really become like a disease a contagious one a wound that’s developed gangrene thereby infectious smelly unsightly and needs Continue reading Sexy, what is it? does it matter? to who? So what,then?

Why I don’t celebrate halloween


  Halloween is a celebration of death and embracing of fear hence that’s playing with fire whilst expecting not to get burnt It’s¬† like a game but, a game of things that are real fear is real death, either spiritual Continue reading Why I don’t celebrate halloween

Finding Security and Acceptance in the Love of God


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Security Security is a basic need. Hence, everybody needs it. It’s a sense of being safe. Or being safe in its self. Babies included, they love it Continue reading Finding Security and Acceptance in the Love of God

God’s grace is abundant. Are you scared of Him? You shouldn’t!


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† God’s grace is available to us.¬†Hebrews 4:14-16 New Living Translation 14. So then, since we have a great high Priest, who has entered heaven, Jesus the Son of God. Let us hold Continue reading God’s grace is abundant. Are you scared of Him? You shouldn’t!

Scriptural confessions for children


  Scriptural confessions are crucial for children. For the Word starts them off right. By confession, in this context, I mean saying out loud. God¬† loves me Matthew 19:14; Romans 5:8 If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord, and Continue reading Scriptural confessions for children

Your facial expressions sell you out


    Facial expressions sell you out Facial expressions do sell out for real You girl, are scheming something: you’re definitely have a plot on your mind and the method, in place Sneaky, sneaky, you Take note: I’ll find out, Continue reading Your facial expressions sell you out

It’s parents’ joy to see their children grow and spread their wings


Its the joy of every parent¬† seeing their children flourish I love to see our children thinking responsibly and spreading their wings. Experimenting with new horizons. Trying to do great things. Especially if we are not pushing ¬†them Seeing the Continue reading It’s parents’ joy to see their children grow and spread their wings

Parenting is a privilege; children are a heritage from the Lord


Enjoy time with your kids,parenting is an honor

  Parenting is a great privilege, first¬†and for all and a great opportunity. For not everybody has had the opportunity to have children. Some are praying and fasting for children and going through several treatments, to have the joy of Continue reading Parenting is a privilege; children are a heritage from the Lord

Just turned 16,yay! You are wise,walk likewise


Walk wise

Dedicated to those beautiful girls, who have just turned 16, and want to walk wise You have turned 16, Yay! you are wise, walk likewise The World needs wise people like you. Wish you the very best Get your driver’s Continue reading Just turned 16,yay! You are wise,walk likewise

A mother’s pleasant words are like honey to the child’s tongue


Pleasant Words

Mothe's pleasant words is like honey
Girl enjoying her mother’s pleasant words

A mother’s pleasant words are like honey, to the child’s tongue. This is why¬† I wrote blessing notes to our daughters, beginning of the year. I am encouraging all mothers or any woman who is dealing with children to bless them/speak good of them. Speak those good things we wish for their lives. Ladies, we are nurturers. There is something in us women, which God has entrusted us with. Let’s not slacken. The kids need us. Even our men need us.

God blessed my husband and me with two daughters. The first one is 25 at this time of writing. She is a very responsible young woman. The second one is about 23 and is a hard worker.


Blessing with pleasant words

We love to speak and write positive statements. Biblical truth and words of encouragement to them. Picking one or two things they are good at and reinforce. For, words of power. It’s either we build or we destroy by words.¬† If they are doing something contrary to what we expect, we tell them, they can do better. This has opened a way for the girls, to come to me for advice, especially when it’s girl issues. We have a relationship of trust, and we thank God for it. We are not perfect by any means. But are still learning.

Children need to hear their parents talk good about them, encourage them. That does well to their souls. And brings life to their beings and future. Who better to do that than the parent. In other words, it’s called blessing your children.

This one was for our first daughter.

  Here we go:

Blessings to a daughter
Blessings for the year

Happy new year Salome Nyasha (Grace)

Grateful to God, for keeping you

He is your Keeper


And Guide

May 2017 bring you joy,
 and gladness
I speak great strides in your life;

 and Personally


You are a victor

A  responsible young lady.

You are beautiful



And kind

Love you lots

Mommy dearest

Salome  loved and appreciated this: INDEED it was like honey on her tongue..http://superiordomain.net/parenting-children-heritage-lord/

My Puberty struggles that were torturous,lonesome and confusing




Puberty years struggles
A girl struggling with low self-image

Puberty struggles experienced were lonesome and confusing. Since I  felt uncomfortable having my body shape and alignment change. Sorry for too much info. I got to do this so that my message will be clear.

My mom passed when¬†I was 12, http://superiordomain.net/astounding-illness/ and that left me with some insecurities. I ¬†had elder sisters¬† I could ask about some of the girls’ stuff. I¬† actually lived with one of them, however, I could not bring myself up to say anything. Because then, I was very shy when it comes to body issues and didn’t want to talk about it.


What was it about these puberty struggles?

My menses started at 13 and did not want anybody at home to know. Since¬† I was very uncomfortable about it. And shy too. Hence that made it difficult for me to have access to the right sanitary pads. I also started developing breasts, and hips. When it came to hips that were a huge torcher to me. Being an hour-glass girl after my mom, of course, I would try to hide under sweaters. The boys added salt to the wound ’cause they would check me out. I did not want to wear a bra…In my mind, I thought if ¬†I would ignore the inevitable, the features won’t be apparent. I really thought I looked older and bigger than my peers. Therefore I admired late bloomers. Them puberty years’ struggles were really twisting my mind.

At school, I did not like to change into a swimming costume. Hence feeling like the odd one out, to my self and others. Leaving me feeling like I was abnormal. I would give an excuse that I could not swim, which is true. Yet, the main reason was I was shy.


Anybody like me, out there? or who knows somebody like that?

The mirror and camera have become an obsession today


It seems there are other issues or just the same but wearing different faces. Through reading around and talking to young girls, I figured the following. Some girls think they are not skinny enough, pretty enough even light enough.¬† Don’t have a big enough burst or think their burst is too small. ¬†It could be about their legs( they are too skinny or too thick). Those with acne most of the time struggle ’cause they try all sorts of remedies to no avail. A comparison of clothing is also a big one. How fashionable someone is and how much of a big wardrobe is at one’s disposal.


I want to fit in. I want to look cool. l want to look like the rest of them are also major outcries.

Sometimes there is a comparison among siblings, which is not healthy for the family love and unity. It’s of utmost importance for parents to know how to affirm their girls without comparison. Somebody said ‘the selfie-issue’ is leading most of the younger girls into depression. Because of comparison and trying to keep up. I can’t remember who said it, but I believe their observation is right. Social media, for the most part, isn’t doing us a favor. Our young girls are loaded with negative information. They, therefore, really need some good direction..


Questions like the ones below are  their torment and torture

How do I measure up?

What do other girls think about me?

Do boys think I am attractive?

Do they think I am cool?

What should we do about girls undergoing puberty years


    We really need to be on the lookout for any issues. And listen to them plus attend to any of their struggles. To affirm, encourage, and motivate our young girls to accept their looks. They need to know that everybody is beautiful, but we are different in shape and bone structures. And if they are overweight, carefully talk to them about it. Because usually when a girl is overweight, they are already beating themselves up about it. As parents, teachers, or older women, we can teach them to clean themselves up. And enhance their beauty without going overboard.

Girls desperately need the right kind of validation.

Dinner plans tonight



Plans for dinner tonight
Dinner tonight

Dinner tonight

Dinner tonight is meatless

We are going for vegetables:

potatoes, carrots,

and some onions.

These just represent their friends


collard greens,

Meat-less  tonight

Dinner plans
dinner plans for tonight

I love meat, but hey at times  I got to rest

Meat all the days is not good for your body

After ravenously eating meat,

I just got to go on meat-less,’meat-leave’



Facts about me versus real facts


facts about me

Facts that are obvious can¬†deceive firstly, I seem extroverted and very confident plus sociable with a dash of daring like I¬†just put my self out there as if I’m the life of the party and carefree   Real facts Secondly, Continue reading Facts about me versus real facts

Celebrating the birth of my Savior. Immanuel-God with us

  Celebrating the birth of my Savior. Immanuel-God with us God with me and in me. Jesus Christ Born for us and specifically for me. For, He came to seek and to save that which was lost I was lost, Continue reading Celebrating the birth of my Savior. Immanuel-God with us

They, must be seen but not heard?

I grew up in a culture where children were supposed to be seen but not heard. I was born & raised in Zimbabwe. In Southern Africa. That was not unusual but the usual, emulated and expected. Seen but, not heard-Around Continue reading They, must be seen but not heard?

Learning Shona language fast

Learning Shona

¬†Learning Shona Fast Learning Shona can be difficult but can also be fun.Depending on the learner’s attitude and the skill¬†of the teacher. Zig Ziglar said, “It is your attitude, more¬†than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” Shona is one Continue reading Learning Shona language fast

Everything is open to God

    Everything is open in the eyes of God. There is a song that goes like this: You cannot hide it from God ¬† ¬†You may cover your sins that the world may not see it, but, you cannot Continue reading Everything is open to God

Wedding things-from our wedding’s experience

This was 1993 and we were still paying our wedding debts. Specifically, the video and picture. Really, what were we thinking? We had multiple pictures for each moment. There is this thing we women usually want. We want to talk Continue reading Wedding things-from our wedding’s experience

How to make sure you work on important matters

Important matters differ from person to person. As I’m growing older and getting to have a deeper relationship with God, there are certain I no longer care much about. Often times I don’t want to succumb to what others expect Continue reading How to make sure you work on important matters

When it’s way too deep, to verbally express Part 1

  Too deep this is the moment and this is the time when its way too deep to verbally express ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†’cause words cannot do justice to the emotion and everything else going on… but the well Continue reading When it’s way too deep, to verbally express Part 1