Absolutely,exclusive,rare breed

Lady, you are one of a kind.

You were created,for a great purpose.

When your first kind, was created,

She was an answer, to a situation, that was not good.

Adam declared, she shall be called woman,

For she came out of man.

Bone of my bone,

Flesh of my flesh.



When our Savior was born,

Mary was an instrument

When Israel needed a Prophet,

Hannah cried for a son.

Mary Magdalene, as a disciple of Jesus,

moved along with other women,providing for

The Lord.



Prophetess Anna, was an intercessor,

waiting for the consolation of Israel.

When Jesus was risen,Mary Magdalene

and the other Mary,  sitting opposite the tomb,

At dawn, after Sabbath

got a message from an Angel

Jesus is alive!


The two were the first ones,

To see Jesus, from the dead.

Hurried to tell disciples,

The Lord is Risen!

Lady, believe, you are absolutely,

Absolutely,an exclusive,

An exclusive rare breed.









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