I’m in too deep , hands, feet, everything, no turning back, ’cause it’s dangerous



I’m in too deep

First and foremost, Deep in, I am:

hands, feet, and everything.

Secondly, No turning back since it’s dangerous

I ‘m all in

So, I can’t NOT worship God

Because He Is my sustenance

Additionally, my sanity

my provision

That’s why  I got to keep ongoing

   Forward is the Way

I will keep on swimming deeper

Deeper into Him

Into the waters deeper

Into the waters of His Word, I will dive in

I want the Word to continue washing me

    It’s done or die

I want to continue drinking from the Living Waters,

because they are refreshing,

since they revitalize my spirit

due to their giving me peace

joy and liberty.

I want to continue drinking from the well,

the well that never runs dry.

No turning back

It’s done or dies

And it’s gonna be DO

Parenting is a privilege; children are a heritage from the Lord


Enjoy time with your kids,parenting is an honor

  Parenting is a great privilege, first and for all and a great opportunity. For not everybody has had the opportunity to have children. Some are praying and fasting for children and going through several treatments, to have the joy of Continue reading Parenting is a privilege; children are a heritage from the Lord

One True God,none can compare to Him

One, true God/Father of lights

First of all, I am going to explain, that the God of the Bible, is the only One, True God. The  One God, who manifests Himself in three.God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. (The Tripartite God) The Continue reading One True God,none can compare to Him

Hubby & i singing unto the Lord in Worship


This song was originally sung by Pastor Erasmus Mutambira of Zimbabwe.And it has blessed many.


   Singing for and to the Lord

Singing unto the Lord

Worshiping together with hubby

unto  our God, the Alpha and Omega.

Hubby  mostly plays the lead guitar &  I do sing

At times he plays the bass or drums

We have found solace in worship

For God is the beginning

and the end

He was there from the beginning and will be at the end

Creator of heavens and earth

The same yesterday, today and forever

The Author/Founder/Pioneer  and finisher  of our Faith


The Great I am

The self existent God

Creator of the heavens and the earth

In Him we live


and have our being



stirs our spirits

towards the Lord




calms our ravenous emotions

and unifies us as a couple,

and with the Lord.