Grace,grace 2017

Grace,grace 2017

Grace-Divine enablement or unmerited favor from God is what we need As we leave 2016  behind and getting hold of 2017 We are leaving 2016 behind, yet we cannot leave ourselves in it. we got to tag along right   What are Continue reading Grace,grace 2017

Assurance of Salvation


  Assurance of Salvation-After getting born again /receive-salvation/How to Receive salvation But as many as received Him,to them  He gave the right to become children  of God,even to those who believe in His name.(John 1:12) The next verse goes on to Continue reading Assurance of Salvation

We were given a power packed gift

power package

  God gave us a  power package, In the form of Jesus Christ The package all ours for the taking Loaded with benefits; all things for functioning in this life, and operating in godliness.(in spiritual status that is following after Continue reading We were given a power packed gift

How to Receive salvation

receive salvation

Salvation. /accept-invitation/ Is a gift from God to and for everybody. For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son and whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish. But have everlasting life John 3:16 If you Continue reading How to Receive salvation

Koyla buffet adventure,was amazing

Koyla buffet adventure

The adventure Koyla buffet adventure was amazing I just love this kinda stuff Hubby and I, on a good afternoon Potatoes Creamed spinach Curry dishes And Masala dishes Also some names I don’t know 🙂 that did not bother me Continue reading Koyla buffet adventure,was amazing

A negative environment can be changed by positive reactions


Environment-I should not allow myself to be affected too much by the environment. But to affect it. I love to read around,learn and share ideas with others. But my problems usually comes into implementation.

In blogging I discovered  you can learn  until you are full of confusion.There is a lot of good information out there.And not so good one too.

Procrastination is one of  my Major issues.I am writing this for others and as a reminder for myself. I seriously  need to nudge myself. Remind myself to work hard and not to easily get comfortable.

Procrastination has caused me to loose opportunities in life.Just thinking that i will do it next week.And the following week the opportunity is gone.Then i am mad at myself.

We may not choose the activities of the environment



As iron sharpens iron,so one person sharpens another.Proverbs 27:17



            A comfortable environment



One day at a time



                Decide what you want to make of the enviroment
Make a decision

A person of great wisdom is a huge asset to the community

Wisdom- The English Dictionary, In British English: Wisdom is ability to use knowledge and experience, to make good  decisions and judgements In American English: Wisdom is the ability to make good judgements based on what you have learned from your experience. Continue reading A person of great wisdom is a huge asset to the community

An art we usually neglect, yet very important


  Thankful to my Father and my God for His goodness and mercy plus His loving kindness also, for all,  He has done for me and my family and all the grace, and gifts upon our lives wherefore, my heart Continue reading An art we usually neglect, yet very important