The perfect view is costly

Perfect view

        The Perfect view is what we strive for aiming at targeting all of us  have endured or are enduring some hardship, trial persecution for that perfect view. The View future glory.   Enduring hardship for the Continue reading The perfect view is costly

Let him pursue you


Pursue, let him do that Let him pursue you not you chasing after him you are undermining yourself Since you are beautiful also intelligent plus special hence unique You are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14: intricately woven by the Continue reading Let him pursue you

 Need a fundamental lesson on  how to love? it’s that important…


Love-fundamental   Need a fundamental lesson on love? It’s that important. The Bible instructs  us to love self and others And to love God with all our hearts.   It’s good yet not easy.Loving is a lesson which everyone needs. The Continue reading  Need a fundamental lesson on  how to love? it’s that important…

What’s up with epilepsy?





Epilepsy is a disease which can be debilitating

It can also be mysterious.

In high school our headmaster had epilepsy,

and students would laugh since they were ignorant.

Know the symptoms.

and  the signs

help somebody deal with epilepsy

and lessen the challenge

bear one another’s burden.

Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.

Learnt an ear

Volunteer to pick up medications

Take the parents out

Encourage the one living with the disease.


two are better than one.

also when you share a problem the burden lessens


Don’t judge

Don’t judge

You never know how somebody feels about their problems.

you are not in their shoes,

so it’s them that would know how heavy the shoe is.

Don’t minimize their problem either

’cause tomorrow they won’t want to share with you


Epilepsy and ignorance

When I was younger

most of us  were ignorant of the dynamics it’s dynamics

they would laugh at those suffering from the disease.

Ignorance  is very bad

because it can destroy self and others.


Remedy of ignorance

Get knowledge

Read around

Be curious

Desire knowledge

know facts

distinguish facts from myth

get understanding

help others understand



We don’t see eye to eye

eye to eye

    I’m not a fan of deadlines their headlines underlined for emphasis Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock goes slowly with no  empathy and determined As a bride walking down the aisle.   Deadlines I was just thinking, ‘how did this Continue reading We don’t see eye to eye

Rich and colorful


    Rich and colorful. Rich with resources; minerals agricultural, educated people, also hardworking multitaskers and tourism; Wildlife birds animals; zebras lions monkeys baboons       Rich and Colorful in day-to-day life     The natives generally appreciate the beauty Continue reading Rich and colorful

Each one is # UNIQUE

unique each one of them. hence valuable and of use. very special, and we all are special. strength, each one has some thereby weaknesses, we all have them although we have differences yet, All are God’s creations. after His likeness Continue reading Each one is # UNIQUE

Look past the obvious

obvious signs

  Obvious signs; look past them, Because they are just a cover. Look past race, culture & nationality Despise not others; for in doing so, you’re also despising yourself. We usually want to go for what glitters The saying says, “all Continue reading Look past the obvious

Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?


    Trouble; I have tried belonging wanna belong to their group so, have tried to fit in therefore, I do what they do plus, disdain what they disdain, at least I try but it’s to no avail   You Continue reading Does it mean; when i maintain my individuality,i’m not good?